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    The Lindale Championship Rodeo has been a popular event for more than 31 years. At one time, the event was held close to E.J. Moss before it was moved to the current location. For 28 years the Lindale Area Chamber of Commerce has leased the current arena grounds from the Lindale Independent School District. The stadium seats have been in service for more than 30 years and much of the Rodeo facilities were constructed more than 25 years ago. For several years repairs to the arena and stadium seating have been undertaken to provide a safe and enjoyable venue for the event. This year multiple sections of the stadium seats were deemed unrepairable and unsafe after thorough inspections by a qualified structural engineering firm. Over 50% of the seating was removed prior to this year's rodeo, and seating was leased from an out of town vendor to continue with the event.

    A careful and detailed inspection of the entire facility was undertaken by an engineering firm on behalf of the Lindale Independent School District. Following this inspection, the Chamber of Commerce was put on notice by the School District that no further events were to take place at the arena grounds until ALL repairs were complete and the site was brought up to current code for every future public event. The Chamber of Commerce believes replacing the stadium seating and arena repairs would cost in excess $300,000. Moreover, the Chamber was advised that a long-term lease of the arena grounds was unlikely due to future development of the school's stadium and parking areas. Accordingly, any funds expended to repair the facilities would be undertaken with this knowledge.

    Given the popularity of this beloved family event, the Chamber formed a task force to investigate the viability of continuing the Rodeo at an alternative venue. Multiple locations offered to host the rodeo. The task force concluded that while all venues would be a great place for the event, the Crossbrand Cowboy Church arena is best suited because it was specifically created for rodeo events such as bull riding, roping, barrels, bronc riding, etc.. Accordingly, the Chamber is continuing its discussions with Wing Rodeo and the Crossbrand Cowboy Church in an effort to secure the facility for the 2019 Rodeo. The task force believes this is the best and most efficient option as a temporary location for the Lindale Championship Rodeo.

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