• Hibbs-Hallmark & Company Insurance Agency



    About Us

    Structure and Ownership
    With roots back to the 1800s, Hibbs-Hallmark & Company was the founding entity for Heartland Security Insurance Group in 2001. Heartland is comprised of eight different insurance and risk managment businesses, providing products and services globally. Each of the companies offers solutions to distinct client groups in the federal, state, and private sectors. The organization has been under continuous private family ownership for 50 years. Today, it has over 60 stockholders as well as ESOP ownership. In addition to providing an important retirement benefit to associates, the ESOP assures that everyone in the organization has a vested interest in providing the very highest level of service to the client.

    Continuing Education
    Hibbs-Hallmark & Company encourages professional education by providing the means for qualified associates to advance their technical skills and knowledge.

    Hibbs-Hallmark & Company was one of the first independent insurance agencies in the nation to be fully automated. Today, that technology has been refined to include MyHHC, which allows users to see insurance certificates, policies, coverage details, and payments all from their smart phone.

    Commitment to the Community
    Hibbs-Hallmark & Company, and the parent organization, Heartland Security Insurance Group, have a long history of philanthropy to the local, national, and international communities.

    Hibbs-Hallmark & Company is licensed in all fifty (50) states.